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Snow caps is when during anal sex, the dude pulls out and there is cum on the poo that is capping from his/her anus.
"Stop, don't get your penis any closer to my poop shoot, I don't want snow caps!"
by Jessica, Ashley, Chelsea May 26, 2008
7 12
Garnishing marijuana with cocaine.
I'd like to chase that snowcap with some bourbon and a chicken pot pie.
by Chief Bootysmackah May 31, 2004
75 14
Marijuana laced with cocaine.
I got high last night smoking snow caps.
by HungWeiLo March 29, 2006
88 43
When you jizz all over some really huge tits
Jay: yesterday i came all over Lee's huge titties. I put snow caps on those mountains
by Jaehoal J. Ones July 12, 2012
16 2
weed that has cocaine sprinkled over it
I smoked some snow caps with my dogg sm00th r0n and was trippin for 8 hours
by Ksmoke December 17, 2008
11 5
a bong hit (preferably of the kind) covered with yayo
Gus got zonked last night on snow caps.
by jckstrw1 October 25, 2006
38 32
Tits that have been licked then Cocaine sprikled on it so it sticks.. Like a snow cap.
Jeffo: We got some Strippers!
Rinja: WOO! snow cap party!! i'll round up everyone!
by RINJA & Redneck August 17, 2009
16 12
When u sleep with a chick with Huge Tits, then proceed to cum on her both her nipples thus resembling mountain Tops
" dude i wanna shoot my spooge on that girls ginormous tits and make those mountains look like they have snow caps "
by F-Eazy April 26, 2010
7 6