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Garnishing marijuana with cocaine.
I'd like to chase that snowcap with some bourbon and a chicken pot pie.
by Chief Bootysmackah May 31, 2004
When you jizz all over some really huge tits
Jay: yesterday i came all over Lee's huge titties. I put snow caps on those mountains
by Jaehoal J. Ones July 12, 2012
Tits that have been licked then Cocaine sprikled on it so it sticks.. Like a snow cap.
Jeffo: We got some Strippers!
Rinja: WOO! snow cap party!! i'll round up everyone!
by RINJA & Redneck August 17, 2009
weed that has cocaine sprinkled over it
I smoked some snow caps with my dogg sm00th r0n and was trippin for 8 hours
by Ksmoke December 17, 2008
a bong hit (preferably of the kind) covered with yayo
Gus got zonked last night on snow caps.
by jckstrw1 October 25, 2006
the very satisfying two part process of relief by which one, after the release of excrement, provides himself with a secondary relief of his testicular contents upon the unsuspecting floating particulate.
After an all you can eat Prime Rib dinner at the local strip joint, Hector, feeling the effects of cheap beef and erotica, pulled over at a highway rest area and produced the Mont Blanc of all snowcaps.
by FrogSupplyApache September 25, 2010
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