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To snortle means to chortle (laugh) with a snort. It's a business/finance joke

Then, when I will pay the bills that you have sent me, and I will pay with the money that you loaned me at no interest.
And while I am paying you with your own money, I will be snortling to myself, at your own stupidity.

Go to Youtube and put in 'One RingyDingy' and you'll see Lily Tomlin doing her famous snortle.
by Big Ed June 13, 2008
wheezing/laughing while making a giggling sound
Alex: "stop snortling you sound like a dying pig"
by freakydeakygirl May 13, 2010
a combination of the snorting and sniffling a person who has congested nasal passages will do
God, David, I know your sinuses are blocked up, but you have got to stop snortling. It is so gross! Go take some sinus medication.
by davethewriter September 06, 2010

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