swallowed phlegm after a more or less violent attempt into dislodging it.
1- All you'se getting for lunch is a wank and a snortle young man!

2- So me an' Jimbo here well we went fishing hey? *snortle* and we .....
by mastur[de]bator January 17, 2005
Top Definition
The half snort, half chortle noise made when amused by something ridiculous, but trying to avoid laughing out loud.
I couldn't help but snortle at her witty and unflattering description of her ex.

A: ... but it wasn't very good.
B: *snortle*
by BeeCan November 07, 2006
A laugh so enthusiastic it induces snorting.
Listening to Bill Hicks always makes me snortle.
by curtis meyer March 05, 2010
New found pokemon who is known for her loud snorting. Also known as Snortler.
Guy 1: Did you just snort?

Guy 2: Oh no thats just my new pokemon Snortle.
by Snortler_c: June 30, 2011
When you're chuckling, but you accidentally snort out all of your coke.
Guy 1:hahahaaha that's so funny....


Guy 1:Goddamn, you snortled the last bit of my dime!
by BWhales September 09, 2010
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