Verb: The first few sneezes upon waking from sleep. Cannot apply to sneezes when one has sneezed oneself fully awake.
Adj: The way one's general appearance might look like after a nap.
Verb: "I snoozled so rapidly this morning, I almost hit my head on the nightstand."
Adj: "When he looked up from his dogbed, my dog's entire left side of his face was all snoozley. It made him a look quite surprised."
by Carrie Hauser August 14, 2006
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I'm goin' for a snoozle
by Anonymous May 27, 2003
(1) To noozle someone sleepily, or when snuggled closely and trying to fall asleep.

See also noozle
(1) Mary climbed into bed wearily, snoozled Ted, and then promptly fell asleep.
(2) The infant gave Mary a little snoozle and fell asleep in her arms.
by Roberto Olivares February 21, 2006
When a man tries to fuck a woman with a flaccid dick so it's awkwardly stuffed into her pussy. It's like putting a string cheese back in its wrapper.
I snoozled the shit out of some bitch last night... It was casual.
by Kitty Vagina July 09, 2011
Something you call a lazy person, or someone who sleeps in all the time.
*Sokka once again grumbles.*
Toph: Sorry snoozles, we'll do our earthbending as quietly as we can.
by Midnight Sparkle February 20, 2012
A farewell bed; Off to bed, goodbye.
Okay, I'm off to bed. Snoozles.
by Barbiebabe August 12, 2014
To snuggle and snooze at the same time:

A) Can be the equivalent of spooning

B) Snoozing from both sides, front and back, the penis may be inserted
Late sunday afternoon me and my gal snoozled for about three hours.

Man I was snoozling and I woke up inside my wife
by PatrickWashington February 16, 2013
The act of temporarily ignoring one's alarm clock because of physical contact with a sleeping partner.
I meant to get out of bed at 8, but my girlfriend rolled over and put her arm around me in her sleep. So I wound up hitting the snoozle button until 8:10, and that's why I wasn't at the staff meeting where the boss told us we'd all be laid off.
by Tiercelet January 11, 2013

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