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Jacked up looking teeth like from the movie Austin Powers.
Thomas: Hey, did you see that girl back there?
Tyler: Yeah. Man she had Austin Powers teeth.
Thomas and Tyler: Hahahaha
by Tall_Dave March 08, 2006
Noun ~ Person that makes up words to add to to the Urban Dictionary website just so they can feel they have been published.
#1 Man, whatchu doin" Don't you have anythgin better to do wqith your tim than make up words for Urban Dictionary. You nothin' but an Urbanizer.
#2 At least I'm published! Beyotch!
by Tall_Dave February 28, 2006
Noun ~ A Mentos breath mint.
#1 Yo man, your breath stinks, you need a freshmaker.
#2 Thanks, Beotch.
by Tall_Dave February 28, 2006
An incriment of time, ususally in minutes, used to define how long your alarm clock will go off again after you hit the snooze button.
My alarm clock is set for 4 snoozles
by Tall_Dave February 26, 2006
Useage: adverb - Ignorance.
Yo, Fool! Everybody knows dat ignorance is bliss!
by Tall_Dave February 27, 2006

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