Noun. A specialty device used in the process of doozing. (verb: to dooze. The act of insufflating or otherwise sniffing or snorting various types of powdered narcotic)

a snooter would be something such as a rolled up bill, a straw shortened to an appropriate length, or a portion of a disassembled pen. Anything that is in the form of a tube that will fit comfortably up the nostril to aid in the process of doozing
1: Do you have a snooter?
2: Pass the snooter
3: Question: how can i dooze this line? Answer: Take the snooter, put it in your nostril and sniff it.
by Dooze_Doctor September 30, 2009
Top Definition
Something used to snort cocaine.
Straw or dollar bill
by Katlin Douglas August 21, 2003
A snooter is a dog's nose.
Hey dog, get your snooter out of my crotch!!
by Coconut Head in Space May 22, 2005
British slang

v. to harass verbally, particularly with demands
n. one who snooters
"Those who know Bertram best are aware that in his journey through life he is impeded and generally snootered by about as scaly a platoon of aunts as ever was assembled ..."

P.G. Wodehouse
by Jive Dadson July 31, 2011
A Staple of East Coast Degeneracy and Bromance.

The process of inhaling the excess foam (or head) from a bottle of beer via the nasal cavity.
Snooters: It will make your tears taste like glory and your breathe smell like vomit.
by lennonist1990 March 10, 2010
A hybrid word used as a substitute for "vagina." The result of combining: Snatch and Cooter.
Martha slapped me in the face, so I kicked her in the snooter.
by Michael Reschke August 07, 2007
The act of snorting foriegn substances. Mostly cocaine, pcp, or other illicit substances.
Gary and I had snooters after a long day at work.
by GarysBuds November 09, 2007
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