The act of snorting a foreign substance thru the nose, that is not cocaine or other illegal drugs (ie. wasabi, mustard, etc)
Steve-O did a Snooter of Wasabi
#snort #cocaine #wasbi #snoot #snorting
by slightlyillegal July 18, 2008
A portmonteau of the words "snort" and "shooter", where you snort a shot of hard alcohol up your nose. Makes your whole face go numb.
"What a great game! To celebrate, let's pour that alcohol into that shot glass and do some snooters!"
#snooter #shot #snort #nose #alcohol
by Daniel Quinn November 12, 2007
The fishy, rotten meat smeel from a girls snatch
i can smell her snooter from here, man
by tyson/shane March 03, 2004
A derogatory term for someone who is annoying or obnoxious.
You snooter! I can't believe you took the last beer.
#hoser #deadbeat #scumbag #jerk #pest
by toadaly February 27, 2009
1. A stinky, nasty cooter. 2. A big mean bear.
"Man, your mom has a snooter" Also, "Man your mom's ol' Snooty sure stinks"

"That big hairy snooter mauled me in the forest!"
#snooter #snooty #ol' snooty #snoot #snoots
by Ryan Payne December 09, 2007
Someone who doesn't care or lacks compassion; apathetic
"Dude did you know she smokes and she's had sex with hecka guy?!"

" I don't care!"

"you're such a SNOOTER!"
#laid #back #don't #care #snootar!
by jennyyyyy August 21, 2009
Stemming from the italian "aiuto" or aiut (pronounced eye-yoot)for short the term snooter began as snoot, rhyming with aiut (as in snoot aiut). It was later changed to snooter or "the snooter". Being "the snooter" or "snooty" implies a cetrain contrarian approach or lack of conformity to ones surroundings, pop culture and life in general.
The snooter was excited about his new smartphone and fleece clothing until he found them on sale at K-Mart.
#aiuto #snooty #aiut #snoot #snootery
by dbernarducci June 27, 2007
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