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A generic term used to identify any form of feline from house cat to tiger and everything in between.
That snooter keeps purring.
by thepadman June 05, 2007
4 13
A non-official term from the game of cricket referring to a bowler's delivery that completely bamboozles a batsman, and usually results in a wicket
"Warnie bowled him with a snooter".
by RJA1234 August 20, 2006
1 10
When someone's having sex and gets up to let the cat out and some gloop falls out of her vagina onto the cat's back
"Oh no, I just snootered all over Fluffy"
by Sarah Palin!!! September 12, 2008
16 27
When you inhale/snort the smoke from a roach up your nose.
The joint was almost burned out so we had to resort to snooter's in ordeer to get a few last hit's in.
by Jeffrey L April 11, 2006
12 34