A generic term used to identify any form of feline from house cat to tiger and everything in between.
That snooter keeps purring.
by thepadman June 05, 2007
A non-official term from the game of cricket referring to a bowler's delivery that completely bamboozles a batsman, and usually results in a wicket
"Warnie bowled him with a snooter".
by RJA1234 August 20, 2006
When someone's having sex and gets up to let the cat out and some gloop falls out of her vagina onto the cat's back
"Oh no, I just snootered all over Fluffy"
by Sarah Palin!!! September 12, 2008
When you inhale/snort the smoke from a roach up your nose.
The joint was almost burned out so we had to resort to snooter's in ordeer to get a few last hit's in.
by Jeffrey L April 11, 2006
A ancient monster closely related to Ctuthlu. Extremely cunning and hunts in packs. Often confusing enemies using tactics similar to lions.
The snooter attacked each victim unnoticed.
by beenieweeine November 15, 2014

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