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When a brother is grinding with a girl in a club whilst simultaneously the girl is facing the other direction , tossing off another different brother in a "snooker cue" motion with the hand maintained in a parallel position. The covert way in which this is done means that both dudes can be oblivious to the other , however when one realises he will be locked in position - unable to make the next move - hence both guys are effectively snookered
"Oh look at that chick, playing some quality snookering - "

" that fat girl is so large the dude can't see he is totally snookered !"
by Dr Gonzu April 10, 2013
The contact that occures in pornographic videos when two men place their penis in the same hole of a recipent at the same time. The act of two cocks rubbing together while engaged in sexual acts.
Dude that porn was fucked up! Thats what snookering is, sick!
by Trescero por vida. October 03, 2007

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