bigger than pool
its bigger than pool
by Adam Leedham March 26, 2004
a commonly used word, that can be used to describe the masculine hobbies of masturbating and viewing pornography.
steve: hey jouni, why do you have so many calluses on your hand?
jouni: i've been playing a lot of snooker this week.

jouni: my damn computer broke.
maiju: ahhhh! while watching porn right!
jouni: well, i was watching snooker, actually.
by teppo whobangalainen May 20, 2011
a hooker who looks like snookie
look at that girl shes such a snooker.
by dyutdyo November 11, 2010
A derogative slang for people lower down in the corporate heirarchy.
Just blame it on a snooker.
by Gunkglumb May 23, 2005
anything and everything


can sometimes be pronounced "snooka"
dude, what a snooka. hes so fucking hot
omg, i was so snookered last night
by sslex October 16, 2006
Snookering is something done between couples involving the neck and nose. It is similar to nuzzling. Someone who is snookerable would be someone you would like to snooker.
I snooker on the couch with my boyfriend; he is so snookerable.
by Rebecca Rae August 16, 2005

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