When you nuzzle up next to your honey bunny in a manner which may lead to sexual pleasure.
Boy: "Hey, you wanna have some sex?"
Girl: "Sure! But lets snoogle first"
Boy: "RIGHT ON!"
by 2 stoners March 15, 2006
Top Definition
to cuddle as for warmth, pleasure, or sheer stupidity. to get close with an x of a friend. definitly not clutching legs, go for the torso. also see canoodle
I can't wait to get to Paul's house to snoogle Stacy.
by The Bast November 17, 2006
1) When a person cuddles or snuggles, but by themselves or with a pillow or another inanimate object.

2) When two people cuddle or snuggle in a completely platonic way.
1) I just spent the night snoogling in a corner with my body pillow.

2) Ally and Kate liked to snoogle when they saw chick flicks together.
by Shmarty November 12, 2009
snoogle as i have been believed to understand, is when you take an uncurcumsized penis, grab the extra skin and wrap it around the head of a circumsized penis. once both heads are trapped inside the schmegma infested skin flap, they begin to rub tips together.
those mipsters in frisco got their penis heads infected from all the snoogle and not washing inbetween
by tattoomike17 August 18, 2006
A unit of measurement used to determine the speed and/or quality of a laptop, computer component, phone, stereo, or other electronic equipment. Most commonly used to simplify conversations with a layman.
-----"So why did you get a new laptop already? That other one was barely two years old!"-----

"Well, the screen goes up to 1080p, and it has a 780M instead of the cruddy onboard stuff. That, and I'll never be able to fill up 16 gigs of RAM..."

*Notices glazed-over look on friend's face*

"...and it has way more snoogles than my old laptop. Like, almost double the snoogles."

-----"Oh, awesome!"-----
by Lunchboxdeluxe September 20, 2013
Two best friends who are in a secret open relationship.
Me and my snoogle are going to dinner tonight.
by Theexpert August 15, 2014
To lay comfortably with another person without any ties to a relationship or thoughts of sex; completely platonic
My best friend and I snoogled while we watched a movie
by JP October 25, 2004
'Snoogle' refers to the infinite bond between to best friends; Snoogle, often related to the term 'Festies' is an extremely superior bond in comparison.

You may also shorten 'Snoogle' to 'Snoog's' as a pet name.

1. Toni and Eden have been Snoogles forever!

2. *upon greeting* 'SNOOOOOOGGGGSSS!!!'
by jellybabylover May 06, 2008
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