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According to Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes the origin is this: When Jason was younger, about 14, he used the "nee"-expression as a means of countering a statement just made, as in "I'm gonna fuck your mom tonight - nee". The "nee"-expression then grew and grew, but always refering to the canellation of "charge" in a statement. Thus, snoogans means to not do anything. Just the same as Wayne's world's "not!"-expression. Of course the snoogans works excellent as a stand alone-expression, but the "true" ethymology is the one stated above.
I'm so gonna own your sisters pussy, snoogans
by Henrik Löfqvist January 24, 2005
Snoogans, if you haven't already heard, means just kidding, or joking. It's just like a not joke.
I could say, "Kage, you're a fucking faggot." He could get pissed off, then I just say, "Snoogans, dude!" You could also combine it in the sentence, if you don't want the pissed off reaction. You could instead say, "Kage, you're a fucking faggot... snoogans." It's definately a stoner thing.
by Chris M. Collins June 13, 2008
One who has little or no idea what is going on. This can pertain to something in the news, in a conversation, or just plain no idea.
Aw man, Evan is being a total snoogan! He's got no idea thats the bosses son he just beat up.
by Mr.BFG August 30, 2006
A male who does not lose his virginity until or after the age of 25.
Man, is you don't get a date for the senior prom, you're gonna become a snoogan!
by Fabi June 04, 2005
The all-encompassing word that adapts to the current situation and describes the satisfying experience that cannot be accurately and extensively described by any other word or combination of words.

Note: Used frequently by the fictional (yet so real) characters, Jay and Silent Bob (Well not Bob as much as Jay, because he is the silent one.)
Person 1: Are you feeling this?
Person 2: Heck yea I am!
Together: Snoogans!
by Nuke January 18, 2004
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