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2 definitions by Nuke

It is crap, a loser, broken, second rate.

Believed to have originated from street racing or traffic light racing in the USA. The slower cars are left "sucking" the exhaust fumes and smoked rubber of the leaders.
1) I left that rice rocket sucking smoke.

2) Microsoft Windows sucks.
by Nuke February 25, 2005
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The all-encompassing word that adapts to the current situation and describes the satisfying experience that cannot be accurately and extensively described by any other word or combination of words.

Note: Used frequently by the fictional (yet so real) characters, Jay and Silent Bob (Well not Bob as much as Jay, because he is the silent one.)
Person 1: Are you feeling this?
Person 2: Heck yea I am!
Together: Snoogans!
by Nuke January 18, 2004
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