The British term of "make out". It is a more formal way of saying "make out".
The two British girls in my class always sneak off to the toilet together to do a bit of snogging between every class.
by Lil Miles September 01, 2005
1.Passionate kissing often as a joke between friends of the same sex.
2.More formal British term for making-out.

girl 1:"like omg did you see john and adam they were all over each other"
girl 2:"well yeah but it was a joke they were just snogging"


guy 1: "did you know the brits use the word snog for make out"
guy 2: "wtf that means "kissing as a joke"
by jesuswhore March 03, 2007
Soy Nog ('snog' for short) It's the vegan alternative to eggnog. Quite a tasty treat for the holidays!
Instead of Eggnog this year I decided to try Snog. Yum!!
by Ceno78 January 03, 2008
To Kiss Someone Wildy and with Passion. An English word as English people Rock.. Lord_Death smells.
*Katlyn snogs Charro
by Katlyn August 03, 2004
A kiss, using like the Spanish word 'enrollarse' or 'rollo'.
Hey! You two, stop snogging in front of tem all!
by JeyDi October 06, 2005
A person who is a goober snob
you are acting like such a snog!
by Angel Rios January 01, 2008
To either slap or kick intensley at another person with your hands or legs.
I snogged him cuz hes a retard.
by Anonymous.Someone March 18, 2008
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