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The scale used in the Louise Rennison series staring Georgia Nicolson. Its used so that parents cannot understand what their child (usually a teenage girl) is telling their freinds about their resent date with that hottie.

The Snogging Scale:

1/2. Sticky Eyes
1. Holding Hands
2. Arm Round
3. Goodnight Kiss
4. Kiss Lasing Over 3 Minutes, Without a Break
4 & 1/2. Hand Snogging
5. Open Mouth Kissing
6. Tongues
6 & 1/2. Ear Snogging
6 & 3/4. Neck Nuzzling
7. Upper Body Fondling - Outdoors
8. Upper Body Fondling - Indoors (In Bed)
9. BWA - Below Waist Activity
10. The Full Monty
1. " So how did your date go last night?"

(Sat In Living Room With Parents Evedropping So She Uses The Snogging Scale)" It was double cool with knobs. He was sooo cool we did number 5 with a touch of 6!"


2. (Extract from the book)

"Me and Jas were sat painting our nails on the couch when the newsreader said "And tonight the priminister has reached number 10." And we had a laughing spaz to end all laughing spazes."
by xXx Slut xXx August 19, 2008

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