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To drink until vision and sight are impaired and all feeling has left one's body resulting in the "snockered" individual engaging in life-threatening or stupid activities, i.e. sledding, climbing school rooftops, flirting with girls half your age...
After finishing a case of beer, SLU was so snockered he began hitting on a girl half his age.
by SLU August 23, 2004
Extremely drunk; obliterated; wasted.
Let's go out and get properly snockered to celebrate your birthday!
by Sarah Rose November 12, 2003
to get wasted from the use of alcohol
dude we are going to get so snockered this weekend!
by Laura September 27, 2004
a 'Hollowayism' - derived from thought process occuring when said Holloway-scientist-type brain becomes blurry thru exposure to alcohol and sleep deprivation. Also used to describe face of said scientist once he'd 'snockered' himself.
Holloway would have made it home in time for tea but being 'snockered', had fallen asleep with face on desk. As usual this led to face having imprint of calculator for rest of evening. Such unbecoming appearance was due to having 'snockered himself'
by d f December 16, 2003
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