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(v): to get extremely drunk; to be tipsy or woozy after the effects of alcohol. (past tense = snockered)
hey i went to a party last night. I got so snockered up, it was not even funny.
by NBC April 09, 2003
A combination of white ankle socks & black Adilette sandals. Worn by wangsters or people just too busy for sneakers.
"Why are you wearing sandals & socks man?"
"Dude, they're snockers. Chill."
by Danisaurus WRECK January 22, 2009
a sexy sexy act of sexiness. its like, when you go somewhere and do it all crazy. crazy sex.
hey babe, wana go to the bathroom and snocker in the toilet ;D ?
by deadvans March 21, 2010
The Snack Locker, a locker containing soda and snacks. Membership required. Moved once a month for security measures.

n. snock
Hey, I'm kinda hungry, let's head over to the snocker and grab some snocks.
by Smelly McSmellster March 21, 2006
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