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An abbreviation for snatch wizard, whereby a female hovers over the toilet in a circular fashion while urinating in order to avoid touching the toilet seat. This act resembles a witch or wizard tending to a cauldron.

Derivatives: snizzardry, snatch wizardry.
"I opened the stall door and witnessed a snizzard in full force"
by hyperhifi May 29, 2012
a snowy blizzard with high winds resulting in a day off from school!
©Huber 2011
I hope this snizzard brings us over a foot of snow so that we don't have school tomorrow.
by playwickian2011 January 11, 2011
Mixing UV Blue and Sunny D. It looks like snot, but hits like a blizzard.
No one really new what to expect when Kevin poured some UV Blue into a cup with some Sunny D. Who knew that by the end of the night everyone got hit by a snizzard.
by THESNIZZARD June 05, 2011

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