1. A word used describe a kind, caring, warm individual who is not only soft, but feels soft.

2. You can snitch someone by tickling them and pinching their skin, because they are snitch.

3. Some people find snitch to be a turn on.
Hey baby, that was such a snitch thing to do. Come here, and I'll snitch you.
by megafurby June 07, 2011
1. (n.) Cop callin' ass nigga
2. (n.) A tattle tale
3. (n.) One who tells on another
1. That snitch call 5.0 on me, now I'm doing 30- life
2. Mommy, don't believe that snitch!
3. Don't talk to me SNITCH!
by jabitch March 31, 2011
ur dumb,disliked or just straight homo
"this kids a snitch"
"i kno he goes down on nate holsch"
by wuts guud snitch behs April 06, 2009
Someone who cares about thier community and wants to stop violence and crime in thier neighbourhood. Someone who should be respected greatly for thier effort on trying to keep our streets safe. Someone who doesn't want to see tax payers dollars go to waste.
" Yea i'm a snitch so what? I want to keep my kids safe"

" Oh if you think about it that way your right"
by Two-Zero December 10, 2008
The bitch that always getz a nigga busted
White boy to a cop: Yes sir he was selling weed
Racist cop: lets catch the nigger

real nigga: DAT WHITE SNITCH!
by datboirykel October 12, 2011
Euphemism for vag with sexual connotations.
Btw, when Jillyan bent over everyone was creeping on her snitch.
by Kates and Jillz May 31, 2008
A person who nobody respects and tells on people. Someone who has nothing else to do better in their life and has a closer relationship with authority than his peers.
I hate that kid Mike, he is such a snitch.

That kid has nothing better else to do than snitch on people.

Snitches get stitches.
by Patrick Patel June 06, 2007

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