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persons that report the illegal activities of other persons to the authorities, causing them disfavor in the eyes of those persons and their friends and pretty much anyone else whos not an asshole
ima fuck up those snitches that called the 5-0 when we were candyflippin at that party
by risewiththesmoke February 11, 2009
1. niggaz, ppl, folks, dudes, etc.
2. headies, i.e. REALLY GOOD weed.
3. oral sex
1. we got mad heads on this L.
2. these heads are gonna get us zooted!
3. lori gave her bf heads in the bathroom cuz shes a ho like that.
by risewiththesmoke February 11, 2009
1. a greeting
2. a general word that can be put at the end of any sentence for emphasis
1. yo dude, whats up?
2. i NEED to get this paper done, yo!
by risewiththesmoke February 11, 2009
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