A low down rotten fink. A stool pigeon. A rat. These people need to be exterminated like rats. So do the scums who listen to their reports.
Brenda is a no good snitch.
by Cap'n Bullmoose April 23, 2005
A jail infomant
That snitch ratted us out for a delay on his sentence.
by Duble-R January 30, 2003
An individual who prefers to betray the trust of his "boys" or of his "people" resulting from a lack of identity of who he/she really is.
A snitch doesn't finish a blunt
A snitch doesn't admit the true history of his ancestry
A snitch Shoots a basketball as if he were setting a volleyball
A snitch sleeps a lot instead of participating in educational,athletic, or social activities
A snitch admires Tom Brady and vampires
by Ole Brute October 15, 2008
The womans Vagina, also known as a cunt.
Bob: "hey sweetheart how bout you show us ya snitch ya little cunt."
by Badcredit March 28, 2009
1.Noun - An active informant

Example - Damn i heard Juan snitched to the police about dis nigga now hes fucked
by ummm... Wtf June 13, 2008
sperm that is ejaculated on something

bend over bitch and lick up my snitch
by mollyhypetigerseye October 28, 2008
A brother who rats, rolls over or turns into Sammy the bull Gravano. A shit talker with an agenda to get what he wants.
Soldier 1) Teddy from 747 MP Co is a fucking snitch cuz he tattled to Ssg.B about a comment on my space.

Soldier 2) What a rat SNITCH mother fucker!

Soldier 1) thats ok snitches get stitches what goes around comes around.
by The Prospect May 02, 2008

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