"SNISS" - aka "PISS".
Scenario 1: Simon is snissing up the wall. Scenario 2: Simon is very snissed off.
by Si P November 13, 2003
Top Definition
the unintented release of urine while sneezing
I need to roll and change my drawers, I just snissed myself
by katydid September 01, 2005
When you sneeze so hard you piss your pants. Usually happens to middle-aged women.
While walking the dog my wife paused to sniss, she sneezed and pissed so we had to get home to get her out of those wet clothes.
by phillymuncher November 24, 2012
when a man pisses and sneezes at the same time thus losing control over the projection of his piss
I heard Bill sniss while he was in the bathroom and sure enough there was piss all over the toilet seat and the floor.
by von strudelburg January 15, 2014
when you sneeze so hard you piss your pants a little
awww man, hold on, i just snissed myself."
by mallwally April 20, 2009
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