1. The act of ejaculating with the intent of gaining maximum distance, velocity, or accuracy.

2. Used to describe techniques, practices, exercises, or anything involved with sniping.
My sniping has really improved, I just sniped 7 feet from kneeling position !
by AcWallace June 10, 2010
A very accurate cum shot into the girls eye resulting in a lazy or a sore eye
Hey girl, whats wrong with your eye, did you get sniped?
Yo Bob you like sniping?
by Bob Allen Joe The Third February 25, 2009
When a person tags another persons car with window paint.
Person1: what do you want to do tonight?
Person 2: i think we should put window paint on person 3's car.
person 1: im down to go sniping!
by ashofnd February 21, 2015
The act of liking really old photos or statuses from a friend's profile on facebook. This will make it pop up on everyone's news feed to cause a chain reaction.
Last night I was bored while doing homework so I went on a sniping spree and got everyone real good on facebook.
by flamingchode September 13, 2014
the essence of "spying", "finding", and "looking" at someone/something
Com'on, let's go sniping!

I'm sniping her for the dance.

I am sniping right now.
by Pat Zielinski September 29, 2004
action of sniping
guy 1: got the car?
guy 2: i'm sniping my mom's keys as we speak
by Liana Nagle January 16, 2009

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