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A single black person.
by HankC4 May 14, 2014
To cross out a misspelling, sentence, or phrase with a single straight line
Person A: "Dude I think I misspelled photosynthesis in my lab book"

Person B: "Don't even worry about it, man; just snigle it out and rewrite it"
by chughapbiostudent May 09, 2010
1. A word used just to annoy someone with common sense.

2. Something you would have to be high to understand, let alone comprehend the definition of.

3. Meaning "I am retarded"
-1. Rob: What you up to?
Miranda: Nothing just Snigle.
Rob: Whatttt?
Miranda: SNIGLE!
Rob: Why do I talk to you?

-2. Rob: Hey what's up
Miranda: Nothin' just totally snigling out.
Rob: Are you high?
Miranda: Totalllyyy.

-3. Rob: What's up?
Miranda: Nothing just a little depressed.
Rob: Oh? Why?
Miranda: I took and IQ test and well.. Snigle..
Rob: I Could've told you that!
by RobertWaffle ;D September 06, 2008
it's the new peace, really. only it's like... peace AND i love you
girl: talk to you later
boy: alright, snigles
by abcdefghijacy May 18, 2006

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