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short tempered, snappy, not happy, cranky, feeling irate, not wanting to listen
John was getting snibby with all her dumb questions. Dont get snibby with me? Leave me alone, I feel snibby.
by Justconfirming January 10, 2012
Small pieces of things.
When my daughter was done with her crafts project, she left a bunch of paper snibbies on the coffee table.
by dogbreath57 September 05, 2010
A vagina. Used to describe the vagina to little girls as they are being potty trained. Used along side 'dickie-bird', or a penis.
Girls have a snibby while boys have a dickie-bird.

Get your fingers out of your snibby.
by Bar 9 - Midnight January 07, 2011
Man, we had a snibby time last night.
by Big Green October 05, 2004