An acronym used in extreme cirCUMstances; used in anger or frustration. Means shit nigger fck!
SNF!!! the Patriots lost the super bowl :(
by JamesLovesAmber February 29, 2012
Top Definition
Abbreviation for skilled nursing facility used by healthcare professionals. An onomatopoeia that evokes the odor of stale urine found in nursing homes.
Doctor to social worker: "This patient will need to be referred to a SNF."

"We visited grandma in the old folks home. After taking one step inside and one sniff, I knew why the social worker called it a SNF."
by yes juanito yes February 10, 2015
1. (n.) (Social Networking Freak) One who is very often on social networks (ex. Facebook and/or Twitter) and says "hashtag" after a word in every 10 sentences or less

2. An annoying human
That human is such an SNF because he or she is always on Twitter.
by ;;;;;;;;;;; February 02, 2014
Smoke and Fuck
Refers to smoking weed before engaging in sex, and it makes for better sex cause both people are high as shit.
Girl: Baby, can we have sex?
Boy: long as we can snf
by anonand November 03, 2010
SNF is short for Sunday Night Football currently aired on NBC. It's another money guzzler thing the major American football broadcasting companies are pulling.
I watched SNF as my final gasp before the work week started again but it was one hell of a Sunday finale; Cowboys-Eagles at 1, Giants-49ers at 4, Colts-Pats on SNF at 7 and Packers-Bears on MNF.
by Sid Barrett September 09, 2007
This is the abbreviation for; Skilled Nursing Facility. A facility that provided long term care for the elderly.
After lunch, we will visit mom at the SNF.
by nursefun February 26, 2012
Shit nigger fck; used in extremed circumstances.
"shit nigger fck that hurt!!!" or "SNF get outta my way you fAggot!!"
by James<3sAmber February 14, 2012
Suck 'n' Fuck
I just got a text: "u wanna do a little snf?"
by panchoborracho August 30, 2010
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