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Snelling is a term made by Daneboe and it is when you sneeze but perpously yell at the same time. He made it trying to start a trend like the cinamine chalenge.
I like snelling next to people
by Xwolf July 14, 2011
24 8
When your lazing around your house sniffing your friends jizz, selling your belongings for drugs and generally being a crack head.
Liam was at home snelling
by NigelPenisLover June 28, 2011
22 10
the art of posing, eyes closed, man embracing the woman in his arms as she caresses her face against his chest in an awkward 80's style photo
Those two must really love each other, look how they are snelling.
by Dr. Carms October 27, 2013
3 0
The act of excessive ejaculation, between eight and ten occurrences, during one 24-hour period.
Carl: "What have you been up to lately?"

Fred: "I've been working on my Snellings the last few days. I got to 10 'rub-em-outs' two days ago. That last jank was shooting sawdust."
by Freemone233 August 28, 2010
6 3
You yell your sneeze randomly around friends.
Snelling: ACHOOO!

Friend: Holy crap!
by God_of_Death July 14, 2011
6 6
Generally someone who goes after married women. He has a big nose, pinches pennies, and is of jewish decent. Also has an a extremely tiny penis.
What a douchebag!!! That guys a snelling!
by gingers DONT have souls December 02, 2011
3 4
An awesome family. Loving, caring, always fun. They play amazing crazy games and are witty, funny and great for comforting hugs! :D
Ah, I wish my brother was a Snelling! We never do anything fun...
by s1un2set January 18, 2011
7 13