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repetitive sneezing; five or more. Also see grandma sneezures.
My sneezures are so bad I almost past out from lack of oxygen.
by Heath December 14, 2003
To sneeze several times uncontrollably, as though having a seizure.
My brother who has allergies woke me this morning when he was having one of his sneezures.
by Gulstab April 23, 2008
Rapid repetitive sneezing over (5+ sneezes) a period of less than 10 seconds. Can be measured in sps (Sneezes / Second)
After taking a huge sniff of the moldy wall, I had a 9 sps sneezure, which was my most intense sneezure to date.
by Mike Chiarenza November 29, 2007
A full-body spasm caused by a violent sneeze. Flailing arms and/or legs often wreak havoc to anyone or anything within reach.
Rocky knocked his books off the table, due to a particulary violent sneezure.
by tbbrick March 20, 2006
Repetitive sneezing, A sneezing attack, Sneezing 5+ times in a short time
Emma couldn't stop sneezing, she was having a sneezure!
by love_emily_2008 October 09, 2008
when a person sneezes more than 6 times in a row for no apparent reason.
Dude are you alright? You seem to be having a sneezure, Bobby.
by urbanwordhunter April 16, 2010
An uncontrollable fit of sneezing
After snorting a line of pepper, Richard had a sneezure.
by Quillium L. Dickentholem December 11, 2010

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