when you do something without some one knowing
1) slapping a latina booty and pretending it was Akon
2) licking someone's face and then denying you did it
3) sneaky pete
4) saying your name is jay sean
5) drinking blackcurrant juice when sick in order to try and make the rest of your family sick
by deesexee May 16, 2010
This is an alcoholic drink that you have on the sly or when your supposed to be at work/college.
"dude fancy goin' down the pub for a sneaky"

"Tom: Jonny where you goin'?

Jonny: I'm goin' for a couple of sneakies. You comin'?"
by stegg March 21, 2009
cocaine, or use of cocaine
I got sneaky. Are you sneaky?
by Lizzie & Jennuh May 28, 2007
smoking of drugs behind the back of one of the cheeky bra's members. can also be "cheeky"
"hey Ryman i think petes having a sneaky in his room!!"
"the sneaky cheeky bastard"
by hurridcaner February 21, 2004
someone like me
When ur gyal dont have sex with u for a while u no she's been to see dat sneaky nigga!!
by NW Soilder August 07, 2003

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