A rogue ability learned at level 1.

Adds damage to a successful attack role. The opponent must be flatfooted or flanked otherwise the sneak attack does not deal extra damage. Two rogues can flank an opponent and use two sneak attacks in succession.
*nasal scratchy voice*
Cade sneaks (hides/moves silently) behind the Ogre and rolls a d20 for his attack. He gets a 17 for a total of 23 which easily beats the Ogre's AC.

He then rolls a 1d6 for an attack with his short sword and adds 2d6 damage. He gets the maximum damage of 18.
by Name-42 February 17, 2005
Top Definition
Really awesome move where you bang a chic in the ass, and just before you cum, pull out and spit on her neck. Innocently thinking you finished, she turns around, just in time for you to nail her in the face.
by Liz May 15, 2003
1. The art of sneaking your unit into a chick's ass when you're doing her doggy style. (Note: This generally is not met with a good response)
Well, I pulled out and then sneak attacked her. She didn't even know what hit her.
by Zark January 19, 2005
While having sexual intercourse with girl, you yell out "Sneak Attack" and stick your thumb up her ass.
Tom did a fucking sneak attack on that girl the other night. It was fucking hilarious!
by WasTi July 15, 2011
A sexual move in which the male licks his finger, to show his female partner that he is going to insert it into her ass, when in actuality he sticks his cock in instead, thus "sneaking" it in.
"Jessica got so pissed last night when I gave her a sneak attack. I'm not surprised, I'm hung pretty well. Poor girl."
by JD & MK February 10, 2008
The act of sniffing one's own fart heavily through the nose, followed by walking over and blowing it in someone's face through the side of the mouth. Its best not to be caught, hence the sneakiness factor.
Did you just see Reverand Norris give the little fella a sneak attack? That was crazy right there, he has no idea where that stench came from!
by hog_wild June 15, 2011
When something attacks you secretly.
Buttons sneak attacked me and then jacked my chair!
by Sumcey Garster January 28, 2009
while a woman is going down on a guy she pretends to play with his balls, then slips a finger in his rectum.
Erika performed a sneak attack on her boyfriend, now he walks funny.
by Erika JJ April 07, 2008
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