Snazzy is a super sexy word to describe anything awesome, cool looking, or super hip.
Joscelyne and Michael are a super snazzy couple.
Joscelyne has really snazzy hair.
by MichaelZZZZZZZZZ November 02, 2006
A word generally used by moms and grandmothers of all ages to describe things that match bland or conservative tastes. Especially in the case of clothing, this word acts as an general indicator of what someone should not leave the house wearing.

Mom; "oooh that's a snazzy outfit"
Son/Daughter; "great, now not only do I have to change clothes but I have to burn this outfit before I go my prom"
by the_common_man October 13, 2006
"Snazzy" means cool, or good. Commonly used by those hipster girls in year seven, when they describe the Flume concert last night or someone's hair.
Saying this word is basically social suicide.
Hipster Year Seven: Hey, did you see those tights I got from H&M?

Other Hipster Year Seven: Yeah! They were sooooo snazzy!
Everyone Around Them: *groans and rolls eyes*
by Xander F March 29, 2013
stylish and very attractive.
amanda looked so snazzy in her profile picture
by anna1233 October 11, 2011
something that is awsome or fine. Cool and hip
Person 1: Did You see that guy
Person 2: Ya. He one snazzy bro.
by $$The Bomb$$ January 20, 2011
Snazzy is like a word for stylish, fashionable, cool. You can use it to describe an outfit, an action, a look, or just instead of "thats awesome" or "thats spiffy" you can say "thats snazzy!"
"Rawr, that outfit looks so snazzy."
"Aha, how snazzy!"
by Chibihime December 19, 2009
A word that a creepy girl on team jonas used and now everyone uses it.
by JoeJonasduh October 12, 2009

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