Snazzy is like a word for stylish, fashionable, cool. You can use it to describe an outfit, an action, a look, or just instead of "thats awesome" or "thats spiffy" you can say "thats snazzy!"
"Rawr, that outfit looks so snazzy."
"Aha, how snazzy!"
by Chibihime December 19, 2009
A word that a creepy girl on team jonas used and now everyone uses it.
by JoeJonasduh October 12, 2009
meaning of greatness, savage coolness. word originated in biblical times.
"hey Mary, thats a snazzy manger!"
"Jesus, those are some snazzy sandals!"
by Dr. Harry Gorgonzola March 24, 2008
awesome, great, spiffy, wonderful

(basically, a multi-purpose positive adjective)
"How are you?"

"I'm doing snazzy!"
by Sabrina January 23, 2004
someone or something that is cool and calm at the same time.

someone who's clever and cool.
man i am so snazzy!
dude, that pen is the snazziest thing i've ever seen!
by KLM July 23, 2004
To be unique, like Sheneyre.
Did you see that guy?

Yes, he looks quite snazzy
by Pupa roachuez January 20, 2016
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