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A black girl's hair when it's pulled back into a rushed ponytail.
I didn't have time to do her hair this morning, so she's sporting the snatchback today.
by RikkiPG November 29, 2007
Any car that is well known for being host to sexual acts.
I drive a snatchback
by P Dittle September 23, 2005
a female's hatchback (referring to a car)
Have you seen her pink snatchback?

We hotboxed her snatchback.
by Snatchback October 18, 2009
Some bomb pussy that snatches your dick back when she's fucking you
Damh baby you got that snatch back
by JJ 21 April 19, 2015
A snatch back is defined as a GF or wife who is bitching out their boyfriend or husband so intensely, that the man ends up having a sore back....., or otherwise referred to as a snatch back.
My GF was rippin my ass out harshly over the fact that I spent the night before out wit da boyz at the 02 watching the fights and after a while, she was being such a snatch, ridin my ass so bad that my back started achin brutally. The chick actually gave me snatch back. S'up????
by Sachalito August 08, 2009
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