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A black girl's hair when it's pulled back into a rushed ponytail.
I didn't have time to do her hair this morning, so she's sporting the snatchback today.
by RikkiPG November 29, 2007
a female's hatchback (referring to a car)
Have you seen her pink snatchback?

We hotboxed her snatchback.
by Snatchback October 18, 2009
Any car that is well known for being host to sexual acts.
I drive a snatchback
by P Dittle September 23, 2005
A snatch back is defined as a GF or wife who is bitching out their boyfriend or husband so intensely, that the man ends up having a sore back....., or otherwise referred to as a snatch back.
My GF was rippin my ass out harshly over the fact that I spent the night before out wit da boyz at the 02 watching the fights and after a while, she was being such a snatch, ridin my ass so bad that my back started achin brutally. The chick actually gave me snatch back. S'up????
by Sachalito August 08, 2009