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adjective used to describe a pretentious art show where hoards of snotty people talk nonsense about art; A combination of snotty and arty.
Artist 1: "Did you go to her show last night?"
Artist 2: "No way! Can't stand those snarty affairs."
by iSculpt June 27, 2011
someone who sneezes and farts at the same time.
"Hey Snarty, how's it goin'?"

by omgzzz123 August 27, 2008
A combination of words that are used to define a girl who is being overly obnoxios or studip or annoying.
Julie's being so damn snarty.
by Don't do Drugs November 17, 2006
When you crush up Smarties into a fine powder, ready for snorting.
"Hey bro, I ran out of powder. What do I do?"
"Got some Smarties on ya?"
"Yeah, why?"
"Let's make some Snarties!"
by XioClone October 20, 2009
A snail party
Joe: Do you want to go to the snarty?
Bob: No I hate snails AND parties.
by potatoesflyingaroundtheroom May 28, 2015
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