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When your using an inaccurate fully automatic weapon in a first-person shooter, such as Halo, and to make it more accurate you jiggle the trigger to burst fire.
Guy 1: "Man, I keep missing with this shitty assult rifle!"
Guy 2: "Dude, try trigger jiggling."
Guy 1: "Holy shit! This works way better!"
by XioClone May 24, 2009
A jacket with a pocket on the inside, the perfect size for a drinking flask.
Useful when attending school, funerals, in-laws, court, etc.
I knew I couldn't get through that hearing without a drink, so I threw on my Flask Jacket, tossed in a flask of Jack Daniel's, and off I went.
by XioClone October 20, 2009
When you crush up Smarties into a fine powder, ready for snorting.
"Hey bro, I ran out of powder. What do I do?"
"Got some Smarties on ya?"
"Yeah, why?"
"Let's make some Snarties!"
by XioClone October 20, 2009
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