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the action of being dissed. Stopped from doing something by another person. Denied. cock blocked Promised something only to find out it was given to someone else. To be tricked by another person.
Dude, I was so gonna hang out tonight and bang some yayo and peach vodka tonics, but my man snarfed me.
by Madison Ryder September 07, 2005
to pick up gems, jewels, treasures, objects, in an old 1980's computer game.
"You snarfed the gold coins"
by Perfect_Fit June 30, 2012
Sniffing someones seat or bike after they have sat on it.
Cody "snarfed" the teachers char.
by OmegaZim October 26, 2010
to get really fucked up.
as in drunk.

why? because we said so.
"I was so snarfed.... when I plummeted off of a cliff. And died."
by grand master flash November 05, 2008
excited to do somthing extreme
im so snarfed about catching that wave
by david the bravid June 25, 2005
A way to show destruction
I was playing halo 2 and i shot this kid and yelled "get snarfed"
by Court3465 June 20, 2006
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