To entrap someone's genitalia in the sucking end of a Dirt Devil or other vacuum device in a tragic but hilarious accident.
While vacuuming the couch cushions, Pam accidentally snarbled Jim who was sitting on the couch.
by snarblarzor122 January 10, 2011
Top Definition
an incredibly funny cartoon, created by a deliciously funny man.
damn, that snarbles cartoon was funny.
by sean November 15, 2003
(noun) (verb) A song that one sings upon waking that is complete nonsense. It is often made up of words that are made up on the spur of the moment.
It was another morning that I woke up and sang a great snarble (noun form)

I was snarbling all morning (verb form)
by Darbage May 14, 2011
To talk at someone about inane or boring subjects in the most drawn out or involved manner possible, typically situating oneself in a manner that prohibits escape from the victim.
After being snarbled for an hour by a co-worker going on repeatedly about some sport I am not the least bit interested in, I felt like banging my head against the wall repeatedly.
by crochambeau August 06, 2008
The first word to come out of the mouth of a person who has just smoked a particularly intoxicating amount of marijuana.
puff, puff "Snarbles!" laughter
by You know who July 28, 2004
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