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It seems as though there is a massive confusion over the proper names for things. For example, Dirt Devil (or Dyson by our English brothers and sisters) is a more appropriate name for a blow job. If we consider the fact that a blow job involves no blowing what so ever, we can all agree that a dirt devil, and or dyson job is a better term.
Girl: I'll dirt devil you for 20 bucks
Man: Sure-ee that sounds like a great deal, wait whats a dirt devil
Girl: you'll see
by MrFishNChips April 06, 2011
A person with lips so big they seem capable of creating a vacuum.
Stevie: That kid Kurt is a real Dirt Devil.
Rob: Yea, his lips consume his whole face.
by Stevie Myers October 04, 2007
The Act of sucking your partners chili ring with your lips. the goal of the whole process is to obtain the Poo-Poo in your Cum-receptical. once the Poo-Poo is in the Hot box, add some Cool-aid to the mix and swash it around for your pleasure. Enjoy
Justin Dirt Deviled the shit out of Blake last night and then gave the common courtesy of giving him a reach around....
by Capt. Candle June 19, 2010
A vacuum. A little red vacuum that you can vacuum the stairs with. We found one in a car so we kept it and now we vacuum the stairs with it. It's pretty handy. Not very noisy. But if the little thing that catches all of the dirt flies off in your face it's disgusting. So don't let it overflow. Or just constantly watch it. They might come in other colors or something, but I don't know.
The dirt devil is on a chair right now, and I'll probably use it to vacuum the stairs later.
by YayHelloHalloScissorsLemons August 24, 2009
a softball team you should think of joining its one of the best and their some great softball players on these teams(:
DAYUMMMM, did you see those dirt devils!
by dirtdevilherself October 03, 2010
Refers to a heavy smoker that doesn't pass the blunt often.
dirt devil ass, pass the blunt
by BenFisher89 May 18, 2008
A homosexual,an active sodomite.
That dirt devil will be everyone's favorite prison bitch.
by U Kan 2 November 14, 2007
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