expressing absurdity; describing overkill so over the top it's illogical. can be positive or negative
dude my car broke down on the highway and i can't afford a tow. can you pick me up?

sure. where are you at?

best buy.

best buy? how'd you get there?

i pushed my car here so i could buy an xbox 360

wha?! you are snakes on a plane retarded
by McN@sty April 27, 2006
a "shit happens" kind of term
"Dude i was mowing the lawn and i slipped on wet grass and the blade cut off three toe's!"

"Snakes on a plane man"
by Alex Fornaro August 15, 2006
S.O.A.P. (Snakes On A Plane)- lip sass backtalk bsattitudeshade
Don't give me no soap (snakes on a plane)!
by HAJohn September 14, 2006
The wierdest fvcking thing in a given universe with a worldwide appeal.
Example: "My page is the Snakes on a Plane of Myspaces."
by Ken Hanley July 25, 2006
A popular shot created in July of 2006 celebrating the 21st birthday of a few good kids. This shot is 1/3 Hypnotiq 1/3 Rum and 1/3 Orange Juice. The rum represents the snakes, the Hypnotiq is the plane, and the Orange Juice represents life and how messed up it gets when you mix life with snakes and planes.
"It's your birthday! Hey Bartender can I get three Snakes on a Plane please?"
by Leviticus J July 23, 2006
Template phrase to describe any problem whereby which any presence of an animal or thing in a particular place or connected to a particular object results in ridiculous excess, usually with the implication that the excess is a tremendous problem for which there is no easy solution.

The word "snakes" can be substituted with almost anything, and the word "plane" can be any place or vehicle or large-enough object.

The prepositional phrase "on a" may be substituted if necessary, but should normally remain the only constant, as the "animal ON A place/vehicle/object" grammatical structure is what references the movie and indicates the absurdity of the problem.
Template phrase = "Snakes on a Plane."

Ant-infested bathroom = "Ants on a Bathroom."

Tarantula attacks someone on a dorm hall stairway = "Spiders on a Staircase"

A garbage can or recycling bin unauthorized for such purposes nevertheless contains bio-hazardous material = "Germs on a Trash Can"

Someone's attic proves to be a breeding ground for an army of houseflies = "Flies on an Attic"
by BulldozerBegins October 18, 2006
1. To show or tell that something is interesting or "cool"
2. It can also be used with a modifyier "snakes on a mother fucking plane"
1. Joe:Did you see the latest episode of Battlestar Galatica?
Bob:Yeah it was so snakes on a plane!
2. Joe:Did you see that awesome jump?
Bob:That was so snakes on a mother fucking plane
by Steven Wagoner April 19, 2006

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