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-slurring your words enough to combine the words "mother" and "fuckin'" to create one cohesive compound word, which in turn, increases your ability to flow when cussing someone out

-cussing without actually saying "mother fuckin"

n. muhfugga- mother fucker
Joe: Dude you're drunk as tits.
Billy: Muhfugga, i ain't muhfuggin drunk at all.

(running through the forest of Blue Berry Yum Yum)
Cameron: This is muhfuggin crazy.
Matt: Yeah i'm getting a muhfuggin crazy trip.
by BambiBro March 08, 2010
Muh-fuggin: A more casual form of 'mother-fucking'. Comparable to using fuck to add emphasis and color to an intense situation.
'It's not cold unless its muh-fuggin cole, an-.. its muh- fuuhgin coold! '

'What the muh- fuhgin fuck, is going on here?!?'
by Alyx Kerr March 04, 2007
Laid back way of saying 'mother fucking'.
God damn son, that ho is muhfuggin hot.
by definedeez July 15, 2003

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