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a snake bite is a nother word for a hickie!
"did you see the snake bite on mike's neck?"
"yeah that tutor was sucking on his neck all night long!"
by sercee July 22, 2006
piercings on a hot ass guy's lip that just make him hotter.
works for all hott guys but when on fat ugly people they are still fat and ugly...

OMG!!! The guy we saw at 7-eleven had such hott snakebites.
by Babi Boo June 19, 2008
two obnoxious piercings on the bottom lip.
yeah, i have them.
you're not scene if you only have ONE piercing on your bottom lip..now you have to get two and call them something sketchy like snakebites..until we eventually pierce our mouths shut
by cynthpop. October 22, 2005
Two piercings that are on the front/top of the tounge.
are most commonly seen on each end of the lip.
Joe: Whoah! look at that girls snake bites.

Steve:YES!Im gonna get some tonight!
by teshara October 11, 2006