Two stud piercings on opposite sides of the lip.
You know who I'm talking about, that one chick with the snake bites.
by Koolio April 18, 2005
Illeagal potent alcoholic drink containing cider, lager and blackcurrent, has been know to severely lower inhibitions and subsequent morning after defleaing
ten snakebites later and the local swampdonkey began to look like an appealing option
by Dave and Lindsay June 04, 2003
Piercings that can usually be found on emo children. Commonly found on the bottom lip. Also known as cock rails, for some people.
"Every scene kid and their cat has snakebites now."
by murkalurka January 25, 2009
Scientologists believe that poisonous snakes can be healed by God.

If you ever get bit by a poisonous snake, here are tips on how to treat it:

1. Stay calm, and take deep breaths to relax yourself.

2. DO NOT seek medical treatment. Instead, rush to find leaves and if possible, healing herbs. Pour them on the snakebite.

3. Let God heal it.

Katie: "Tom, come over here! I just got bit by a poisonous snake! What should I do?"

Tom: "No worries, honey. God heals snakebite... I'll find some leaves and healing herbs"

This was a true story. Unfortunately, Katie died a half hour later because Tom didn't use a snakebite kit. If Tom would've had a snakebite kit, Katie would still be alive today. Fucking sad.
by Mike N. Jones July 06, 2006
A drink of Beer/Cider and blackcurrant.
Mostly drunk by expat Aussies in Aussie bars around the world and by European and American backpackers who are in Australia
I drank too many Pints of Snakebite last night that my tongue is now red and I have a hyperactive hangover.
by Dane January 05, 2005
the act of a woman opening her mouth so wide that she fits the male's entire package (penis and balls included)into her mouth while wriggling her tounge around to the man's anus and giving him an awesome rimmer.
this one time at band camp, this chick gave me a snakebite and then tried to lick my face after. it was weird. tasted like smores
by davemichalchuckmcdirkistan May 29, 2008
A term for a way in which women can pee standing up. The term snakebite comes from the theory that a woman takes her two fingers (pointer and middle) and presses on each side of her vagina and pulls upward, aiming the pee stream up and away from the body.
When stranded without a bathroom, Cassie went to a private area to snakebite.

The porta-potty was so gross, so I just did a snakebite.
by campvibes January 09, 2013

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