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similar to beasting except more beasty. and more chill too.
yo, did you see that snailin' man over there steal that car in a second?!?! -snailin man drives away in the car and winks and his smile sparkles-
by alyssalyssalyssalyssa May 20, 2007
When your in your car and some stupid fucking geriatric puss nugget is going 5 MPH, in front of you, when the speed limit is 40 and you are stuck behind him honking your horn thinking about how you have a fucking life and thinking this guy should die already and get out of your fucking way.
"Hey you old fucking wrinkle dick shitbag, why you snailin' on me??? Get the fuck out of my way bitch."
by L1qu1d S1lenc3r April 19, 2010
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