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The atomic weight of Bolognium. Also known as Delicious.
Principal Skinner: "...this periodoc table says the atomic weight of Bolognium is snacktacular!"
by Jon Goodrum January 26, 2007
Extremely tasty.
These pork rinds are snacktacular.
by Bark August 13, 2003
n. <snæk'tacju&#720;lr>

Etymology: From Russian "smark" meaning "tacular" and French "taculaire" meaning "snack".

1. A booty of snacks which is both suitable to snack on, and spectacular
2. A surprising and welcome array of snacks which surprise and delight
1. Jane was pleased with the simultaneous suitability and spectacularness of the snack booty - "This is snacktacular!"
2. Dr. Johnson was simultaneously surprised and delighted by the surprising and welcome array of snacks provided by his buddy. "Dude, shit is snacktacular."
by Atticus Ryan September 05, 2007
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