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Pronunciation: \'snab\
Function: verb
Etymology: Amalgamation of Middle English snacchen, to snap, and a variant of dialectal nap, to seize, probably of Scandinavian origin.
Date: 20th century

-to grab at brashly and eagerly; to abduct with sudden force.

snabber snab'ber n.
The unsuspecting snout got snabbed.
by flobotoast March 24, 2009
Snab: Meaning to grab or quickly take
"Just snab the rest of the potatos"
by Minion February 17, 2005
Acronym: Stupid Niggers Always Breaking Shit
Man those snabs done smoked that mayonaise slurping cracker faced bitch
by D Bag and Nug Bug May 10, 2007
Acronym: Sucker N A Bitch
Jeremiah is a such a s.n.a.b., he is scared of everything.
by JUICE E. JOEL June 21, 2007
To smoke a blunt or a bowl.
"The two homies were Sn' a B".
by nanerpussys March 06, 2009
Group of People
There is a whole SNAB of people over there.
by mike April 27, 2003
abbreviation for stupid, nasty-ass bitch
That girl is such a snab.

That snab over there tried to hit on my man.
by lydia October 31, 2004

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