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When some bitch wraps her legs around your head and totaly fuckin suffocates you (skinky muff adds to pain and disscomfort)
Woman 1: hi babe i have somthing for you

Man 1: yeahhh!!!!

woman 1: lay down baby


Man1:WOT THE....uG..oh...Ug....STOP SMUFFOCATEING ME BITC....Ug.. OHHHHHHH....................

*man cums*

by TJeva October 01, 2005
To smother and suffocate at the same time. This word can be used when pretending to be a baby, or act cute, but is not intended for use in a serious situation, because it sounds silly, quite frankly. Can also be a person who killed someone by smothering/suffocating, and was in prison, comes from reprobate.

"And he nearly smuffocated me!"
"I was smuffocated last night"
"How do you smuffocate a person?"
"He was a smuffocate for 50 years"
by Baby Pee April 24, 2008
The act of suffocating during oral sex
Josh smuffocated last night after going home with a ham honey.
by Arden40 January 21, 2014
The act of suffocating by smothering.
Mom, I smuffocated the cat!
by K. M. Peppers February 03, 2010
A humorous sexual term to describe when a man is suffocating from having his face sat on for too long. Oral sex to the point of suffocation, usually when describing the act of 69 with a larger woman.
"Damn bitch it's about time you got off my face, you were about to smuffocate my ass."
by Jenuine McCoy April 26, 2008

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