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a combination between smothering and suffocation; often used by oxygen deprived persons where neither smothering or suffocation was able to be said. commonly used in the mid-west United States.

and has no relation to "smuffocate" or "smufficate" claimed to be related to oral sex.
There were so many people in that room, I started smuffocating.
#smothering #suffocation #deprived #odd #combination
by BriannSue April 16, 2011
When eating a girl out and choking on her muff(pubic hair)
Guy 1-"Dude I Went on a smuffocating run last night."

Guy 2-"How did it go?"

Guy 1-"I Smuffocated twice!"
#vagina #sex #suffocating #choking #eating
by the scary clown is alive June 29, 2012
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