An acronim for Shit Head Syndome

to hell with p.m.s. i got s.m.s saod his girlfriend.
by wackjobg January 08, 2010
short man syndrome
hes 5'6 as a result of that he hates life. He has the SMS.
by Helloooo11 May 22, 2015
Acronym for Shrugging my shoulders.
Friend: "How's life going?"
Response: Sms. Life is going alright.
by ManilaTugBoat01 November 18, 2014
Saturday Morning Special

When you wake up in the morning with your girlfriend/boyfriend and lick their face.
Vanessa: EW, why did you lick my face?
Zach: you needed your SMS today
by dietpepsiwildcherry October 18, 2010
1. So Much Sarcasm
2. So Much Starbucks
1. sms yeee starbucks
by tc143 September 15, 2011
Short for Shrugging My Shoulders.
Bob "Do you remember what the english hw was?"

Jim "sms"
by zmarineman January 12, 2011
shaking milz syndrome(SMS) shaking some one ever so violently
Omg u just gave me SMS
by Milzstastic June 05, 2010

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