The moment immediately prior to putting the mack down where one attempts to perfect ones appearance in a subtle manner. Such as pressing ones clothing flat to remove the wrinkles, or adjusting ones hair.
ELAINE: Oh.. I got denim vest checking me out.Fake phone number's coming out tonight.

JERRY: You have a standard fake?

ELAINE: Mm-hmm.

JERRY: .That's neat... *walks away*

ELAINE:No, please! Denim vest! He's smoothing it! Jerry! God!
by blacklung4 May 16, 2011
Living in the lap of luxury in a rugged setting.
"My parents love going to the wilderness, but only if they're smoothing it." (i.e. they stay in a five-star mountain region hotel and hire a Swiss guide.)
by Susan Macaluso January 11, 2007

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